• Scenic Beauty in Pastel

    Presentation of Pastel Paintings by
    Margaret Lindsey

  • Since I first picked up a pastel stick, I have felt passionate about creating artwork in the medium of soft pastel.

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  • Margaret Lindsey. A Great Leader, A Dreamer, An Artist. A great friend and thanks to her vision and tenacity, we can now enjoy two artistic environments: the Pastel Society of Southern California and Destination: Art Studios and Gallery.  Thank you."  --  Michele Aplin, US rep for Girault Pastels 

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  • Destination: Art Studios and Gallery

    A first class venue for Fine Artists and Artisans to work, teach, and exhibit.

    A place for art lovers to explore, and learn more about the artists of the South Bay.

    An opportunity for local artists, collectors, patrons, and the community to participate in the historic establishment of Destination: Art, a non-profit Studios and Gallery. 

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  • Art, Creativity, Beauty

    These ideas are what inspire me when I am creating art.

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